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Liv & Livy

Posted by Callie Oh on June 4, 2014

Glam Affair has released 2 new skins for The Arcade Gacha Event called Liv & Livy.
 Liv & Livy come in 3 tones Artic, Asia & India.
Each comes with 5 color eyebrows plus a no brow option, brow shapes and 4 glosses.
 For each skin there are 10 makeup options you can win in each tone, I have shown 3 of my fav’s here.
There is also a RARE you can win. A lipstick pack for each skin.

Top Pic
Skin: Glam Affair Liv Asia 08B with Liv Lipstick 07 – New! Available @ The Arcade
Necklace: Kunglers Extra Vivienne Golden/Honey – New! Available @ L’accessoires
Hair: Herve Faenzo One [blonde]

Middle Pic
Skin: Glam Affair Livy Artic 03A – New! Available @ The Arcade
Neckace: Kunglers Extra Vivienne Golden/Blue – New! Available @ L’accessoires
Hair: Tableau Vivant Longfall [summer] – New! Available @ The Arcade

Bottom Pic
Skin Glam Affair Liv India 02D – New! Available @ The Arcade
Necklace: Kunglers Extra Vivienne Necklace Copper/Garnet – New! Available @ L’accessoires
Hair: Truth Lotus [light browns]

Limo to The Arcade Gacha Event
Limo to L’accessoires
Limo to Truth Hair
Herve Faenzo on the Marketplace

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2 Responses to “Liv & Livy”

  1. They all look gorgeous on my Callie Oh-Oh! I hope you are having a wonderful week, girly-cue! Guess what day it is! Come on Come on say it say it.😉 Muwah’s and stuffs❤

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